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Julien Roven Raja

Park brake fault

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What is ur mileage and have ur brakes serviced before? Cos stock pads are metallic ... alot of dust tends to contaminate the contacts. That's why its preferred to chg to ceramics or carbon ceramic pads (low dust)

Other factors like worn disc and pads also may cause this as the servo for electric parking may need to extend further than usual. Have the mechanic check. I remember there is a process to reset the parking brake as well probably you can google and try reset yourself.


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On 3/25/2021 at 5:15 AM, Julien Roven Raja said:

Can guys advise , what shall i need to do if this appeared on the indicator and is there any recommended Mechanic for this issues to solve or i can do it myself ...

You can try to go Autobolt to have it checked out. If it is under warranty still, then go Wearnes.

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