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Diesel and Regenerating

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Hi guys,


First of all, my apologies for the lack of participation in this forum, due to my overwhelming work.


I had two technical questions relating to regenerating in diesel cara.


1. my understanding is regenerating is to burn off the soot particles. under what circumstances would regeneration happen, ie does it happen regardless of the driving pattern and mileage?


2 one of effect of regeneration is dilution of engine oil. I was told regeneration may be successful or not successful depending on the parameters, does the dilution of engine oil happen regardless of the outcome of regeneration process?




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1. regeneration burn of soot particles when the sensors detects a preset build up and the car is driven for 15-20mins above 70-80kmh. these figures are generic and may differ from car to car depending on manufacturer preset parameters.


2. in most modern diesel engines and modern day good syn engine oil do not suffer from oil dilution to be of any significant level unless the engine is poorly maintained. this fear/myth are from olden pre Euro 5 era.

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