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Potential Maintenance Solution to DPF Full

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*Sharing purpose only*


After moving to south of Singapore, I no longer have the luxury of long (20-30mins) cruising. Current typical commute, Monday to Friday, Home >> CBD, CBD >> Home. The DPF Full warning comes on every 2 days. Very frustrating and occasionally have to skip lunch to drive to Changi Airport and back to CBD just to clear the DPF.


So after much homework through online articles and youtube videos, chance upon a Singapore company that carries a fuel treatment to reduce burn-off temperature of the accumulated soot, allowing the soot to be burnt off during normal city driving. Drove all the way down to Senoko to check it out. By chance, the owner (early sixties) was around and chatted for awhile. He uses it on his own Porsche diesel. He said DPF warning light has never appeared ever since he started using the treatment. 

So long story short,  i purchased the treatment formula and have added it to the fuel. Will monitor and update...










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So here is the update


For 1st time users, 1ml for 1 litre of diesel. I had full tank. Poured 60ml.


Next, for the next 20-30 minutes, turned dynamic mode on. Switched to S gear. When cursing at 60-80km/h, rpm is always above 2000.


Was very afraid I might burn the gearbox up but assured myself the car would scream for help if I pushed it too much.


So 3 days has passed. 80 % city driving. The dreadful dpf check light still has NOT strike.


Will update more next week.



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strange that you guys have DPF warning message / indicator when your DPF is full. When it happens for me (at least that's what Wearnes claim its happening for my case), I only get a generic "servicing required" indicator light, with no indication that it's DPF related. I have a XF 2.2D, is that the reason why the message is different from the bros here who are driving XF 3.0D?

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