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Life Time Servicing

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Even it is free servicing I also will not put my car there.

1. Waiting for appointment can kill you off. Slots are limited

2. Take Super Long time to service the car (experiencing dropping car at 8am, by 6pm car still not ready)

3. Experiences of improper management of the car (fluid Cap not tighten)

4. Poor workmanship

5. Minor modification (put a R) in front grille took 6hours..

I rather pay and have my car back within 2hours, with Mechanic full time servicing the car without mingering around or disappear for lunch.

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I am servicing in Wearnes even if I have to pay for it. :lol:

My warranty and free servicing was up more than a year ago. I signed up extension package, have been going back to Wearnes and happy about it too.

Looks like different people prefer different strokes. That is normal too. Am open to outside workshops too. Pro and cons and individual choices.

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Anybody knows if Wearnes still have the warrant extension package? Thanks in advanced !



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No warranty extension. However they may have 2 service package. Have to check with them before your first warranty runs out. Applies to certain models.

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Apples to me the bros here are pro wearnes irregardless of the service standards and quality of service they provide.

wearnes has it pros and cons.

I tried outside service after my warranty at Autobolt... Ok for me.

and yet some also say Autobolt has pros and cons.

so not really true on what you said until you try both...

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Hi have to agree with Kenneth. There's always 2 sides to a coin and nothing is perfect. Some might have experienced great services while others didn't. One can never satisfy everybody. This apply to any other brands of car be it BMW or Audi etc.



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