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Castrol C1 oil for Jaguar

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At a business lunch recently, I was introduced to the head of lubricant sales at BP Singapore.  We were talking about cars and started discussing engine oils. I found out from him that Castrol oil is sold by BP Singapore. Castrol is part of BP. 

Read on the forum that Castrol C1 oil is difficult to find in Singapore and I wanted to find out more. He said that BP Singapore sells oil directly to Authorised Dealers, like Wearnes. Lubricant sales to workshops are sold by their representatives. For certain oils which are jointly developed with manufacturers, they have an agreement with the manufacturers to sell these oils only to Authorised Dealers. BP is not allowed to sell the oil to workshops, not even through their representatives.

The warranty for my car has ended and I am looking for a workshop to go to. Autobolt has been mentioned a few times in this forum. I don't want to use the wrong oil in my car. Can someone please confirm that they have seen the Castrol C1 oil at Autobolt? 



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you don't have to stick to castrol. important is the ACEA C1 specification which determines the viscosity, the amount of SAPS (basically contaminants) allowed in the oil, and other considerations, e.g. temperature, long change interval, etc.


its near impossible to get C1 spec locally. Autobolt gets from Wearnes AFAIK. 

you can try R2 servicing who sells the C1 spec oil seperately but i believe they want you to commit a larger quantity before ordering for you, brand is Millers from UK, of if you frequent Msia, can source from there too. 

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Sharing with everyone my quest for C1 5W 30 oil during the last week of December.

I was on leave for the week and took the opportunity to visit Autobolt. Met Alvin for the first time and we were talking about servicing, pricing and whether they had the parts which I require. I asked whether it is alright for me to wait around while they service my car.  Everything went well until I asked to see the C1 oil. He was taken aback and said they are currently out of stock of the oil. I left annoyed.

I decided to search online on where I can get the C1 oil in Singapore. I googled "C1 oil Singapore" and out came:

OWS Triton


Miller oil


As Miller oil does not have any dealer's information, I went for OWS Triton. Called 3 dealers located in Kaki Bukit area but none of them carry stock of the C1 oil. Another dead end.

It's back to the drawing board for me. Decided to refine my search and googled "Jaguar workshop" this time since I am looking for C1 oil which is used for Jaguar. There was an ad on the top of the page, claiming that they are Jaguar Specialist. Gave them a call and confirmed that they have the C1 oil.

Drove down the next day and witnessed them servicing my car and pouring the C1 oil directly into my car. Glad to have found finally found the C1 oil. 

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Tried out Autobolt recently. They resolved the main issue that I had.

Since I am already there, I thought of having my car serviced and moved on to asking about the cost for servicing my XF diesel and if they have the Castrol C1 engine oil. Not sure if the gentleman whom I spoke to was Alvin or Louis but he replied that they carry the Castrol C1 oil. 

Next, I asked to see the oil. He walked away looking for the oil, but he came back with another brand of oil saying that C1 is out of stock, and this other brand which he is holding can also be used. The brand is definitely not one which I recognised....not Millers as well. The bottle does not have a C1 on it.

I chose not to have my car serviced by them. 

I suggest exercising caution when dealing with workshops. In this instance, another specification of oil may have gone into my engine without my knowledge, if I did not ask to see the oil. 

We often take for granted that workshops will honour what had been agreed upon when we leave our cars with them.  This does not necessary happen when we are not there to see what they are doing to our cars. 

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"Can also be used" just doesn't cut it for me..its either C1 or its not.


One should also be careful to ensure that the oil bottle is BNIB and unopened.

There are some unscrupulous workshops who may use normal engine oil and pour into branded oil bottles (e.g. motul which is pretty darn expensive) to give you the feeling you are getting what you paid for.

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autobolt use Castrol 1. If they don't please let us know. I'm quite sure they carry Castrol 1. There's also discount given to premium member



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can any bro  post a picture taken from autobolt for C1 oil used when servicing his car to relief the concern expressed above....tks

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I just had a servicing done there and I saw them using Castrol 1 oil. No picture though



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I would like to send my car to AutoBolt as recommended when it comes to the time. Would it be an offensive if I request to see the oil they will use for the service ?   

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