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George Gold

going to west malaysia - safe?

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Is it safe to drive Jaq into malaysia?


Anyone has experiences?





Going into Malaysia, it's always good to be alert.. be low key (don't wear your diamond studded Rolex and pay with a stack of cash, etc.)..  Even the locals would say, " you are on your own"...  However if the question is whether it is safe to drive a Jag - I'd say it's safer than driving a Merc (higher demand as stolen marque).. Caveat, however, Jag is not common and people who drive one are perceived to be weathy. 



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We have done convoy up to Malaysia and so far all came back safe and sound. I go to jb quite often but in my other jap car, but every time i go in, i'll always see at least 1 or 2 jags from sg there for petrol, food and car wash. i just it safe as long as you take precautions ba. Eg. lock steering wheels. stay low profile. park at crowded areas that are brightly lit. Best if there's guard. give them some tips to look after ur car. i always have the mindset of keeping the car dirty where there so it'll not attract attention, but that's just me. haha. Drive safe. Cheers

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