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  1. yes we do. please contact me at 8333 9397 for a quicker response
  2. Hi BigHeadlights, Motor insurance really depends on what the individual is looking for. Most people are very particular about premium, they would want the lowest possible premium and willing to forego all other benefits or services. Some are concern about the perks that various insurance companies provide. and there are a few others who are more concern about the ease of the transactions and as long as the premium is competitive, it doesn't exactly have to be the cheapest in the market. Few factors that you should be concern about other than premium : - Excess amount - Can you repair your ve
  3. Hi Bodoh, Sorry for the late response. Wearnes deals with Liberty and AIG. Both are reputable insurers and so it isn't really that difficult to reinstate your NCD especially if liability for the accident is straightforward. Wearnes should be able to easily settle the NCD reinstatement on your behalf if they choose to, anyway it is their job to do it since they are your representing intermediary. If your vehicle is only 2 months old, it is best to repair at Wearnes. Otherwise, in the next 3 years, any fault in your car they may decline to be responsible for the parts replacement. For your c
  4. Let us source for you the best possible insurance premium for your vehicle. I didn't say cheapest, I say best! Because if you want the cheapest, you wouldn't have bought a Jaguar! Why should you let me represent you? 1. I am like your personal insurance Concierge. There's no easier person to reach than me. Whether by SMS, Whatsapp, Email or Calls, I respond to your enquiries before your phone can go back to sleep. Whether its at night, in the middle of the night, weekends or public holidays, I am always at your service. Try that with other motor insurance agencies... 2. I am an immediate
  5. Other than the special Motor Insurance Package we are able to provide for Jaguar Club SG members, ALG specializes in the following General Insurance Products : - Fire & Property All Risk Cover - Work Injury Compensation - Public Liability, Product Liability - Contractor's All Risk - Commercial And Private Motor - Group Health Insurance : Term Life, Personal Accident, Hospital & Surgical, Outpatient Benefits - Marine Cargo, Marine Hull, Pleasure Crafts - Money, Burglary, Fidelity - Professional Liability ***********************************************************************
  6. There are 2 baselines, 50% & 20% NCD. ****** No NCD protector 50% - accident - drop to 20% - accident - drop to 0% 40% - accident - drop to 10% - accident - drop to 0% 0% to 30% - accident - drop to 0% With NCD Protector 50% - accident - 50% (NCD Protector) - accident - drop to 20% -accident - drop to 0% With Tenet NCD protector 40% - accident - 40% (NCD Protector) - accident - drop to 10% -accident - drop to 0% 30% - accident - 30% (NCD Protector) - accident - drop to 0% ****** As I have mentioned in the above post, you have to maintain your insurance with the curre
  7. Sorry for not addressing this earlier as was pretty busy with work and personal stuff lately. Most motor insurance has 2 options, a plan that allows you to go to Authorized Workshops only, or Any Workshop in Singapore. Of course, most people select their insurance plans according to price, so they just go for Authorized Workshops plans. Not many workshops are able to handle the newer range Jaguars, so it might be a little risky if we're faced with claims if we chose the cheaper Authorized Workshop plans. I'm guilty of that too. I'm insured with Etiqa Insurance and paying $1,800 with 30%
  8. Amac alWAYs show us the WAY to start our day right!
  9. So is it the Grille or the No plate? Or are you towing a caravan with a "first motor' decal? What is it?
  10. Bo pian. I stay in city, so mostly city driving. And when I reach expressway, my feet becomes heavy... Wah Chiaster, 1 tank 854km with 20" rims some more.... I never clock this mileage before, not even with my old 18".
  11. Wah Nice! Idea leh!! I find Swarovski crystals to try!
  12. 762km? on one tank of petrol? Sure or not? I can't even achieve that on one tank of diesel.... if driving in Singapore.
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