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  1. Hi, Got a brand new original jaguar xf front brake pads for sale. See first Pic. Bought at $180, selling at $150. https://alleuro.com/GENUINEJAGUAR/1350/C2C39929 Will throw in the used coolant tank with brand new bottom sensor. See second pic. Can sms me at zero zero eight.
  2. Priced to sell. Jaguar XF 2.0 Auto Luxury for sale https://sg.carousell.com/p/138746888
  3. Bought the whole tank with sensors at 250. Labour ard 80, total abt 330. Saving is not significant for the effort.
  4. Bought from selegie auto. Not done by wearnes. Initially, bought the sensor below the tank to change, thinking that was the issue. But it was not solved. Hence bought the whole tank in the end. There are three parts for the tank: the tank itself, the float inside the tank and the electronic sensor below the tank. The part no is C2Z29118.
  5. Got the same issue recently. Changed the whole coolant tank and issue is solved. I am not sure whether you can get the float separately.
  6. Thank you. Problem solved, it was crankshaft pulley.
  7. Hi, May I know where to get the part number? My xf's alternator just broke down. XF 2.0T petrol, year 2013.
  8. Any problems for bros whom had installed racechip ultimate for xf2.0t after some time?
  9. For 2.2D With RaceChip Power in kW178 kW (+ 27%) Power in PS242 PS (+ 27%) Torque572 Nm (+ 27%) Without RaceChip Power in kW140 kW Power in PS190 PS Torque450 Nm
  10. Any 2.0T try on this ultimate chip? Care to share? claimed to have 26% gain to 303 horse
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