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  1. XFS

    2014 xf

    XF is probably one of the most reliable model in Jag range. I don't think you have anything to worry about. Of course still need to do due diligence on possible previous accident, etc.
  2. It's a beautiful cat! 💙
  3. XFS

    Coolant for 2015 XF

    I heard previously from some kakis that Caltex has orange based coolant.
  4. XFS

    Coolant for 2015 XF

    You should always use back the orange based. Cannot mix with green. A simple search in google will give some info. They range from serious to not so serious, but all advise against mixing.
  5. Autobolt. Have been using them for years. Look for Roger and tell him you are from Jag Club Forum.
  6. That's because majority of the people are followers. Jagggg owners are different. That's my thoughts.
  7. Go to Autobolt. Look for Roger (tel: 92329154). Tell him your are from Jaguar Club Forum. Premier @ Kaki Bukit 8 Kaki Bukit Avenue 4 #03-55 Singapore 415875
  8. XFS

    XE mods

    Looks good!
  9. XFS


    It depends. I see yours is a 2017 XF. Is it a petrol or diesel? 2L or 3L?
  10. Actually this is not a commonly seen in our community. Nevertheless hope it is the last time you will see of this problem.
  11. You can try to go Autobolt to have it checked out. If it is under warranty still, then go Wearnes.
  12. Yes the 3L SC engine is very capable and enjoyable to drive. But it can be thirsty! Don't feel shy looking at the 2L. It is also not a slouch and it is such a beautiful car. 😄 I am driving the F Pace SVR now. ðŸĪŠ
  13. I used to drive an XF. Not a 2L but a 3L diesel engine. I loved it and drove it till almost 10 years. And I bought a JAggg again after my XF.
  14. Great car! Good luck in your sales!
  15. Suggest you check with Wearnes directly. Surely someone will attend to you. 😀
  16. At Dynamic or Normal drive mode, the manual will be switched to Auto after a short while. Only when you are in S Mode, the manual will stay as manual until you decide otherwise.
  17. You cleared the code, but before that you got the error code checked? What did it say? Clearing the code does not solve the problem. If you have modded or put in piggyback, "CEL" and "Restricted Performance" is likely to appear. Incidentally, XF 2010 onwards have not much problem based on what I can see in our group of kakis. You need to identify the root of the problem you are seeing now. Once resolved you should have a rewarding ride.
  18. Wow an XF 2.7. Seen them in Europe but didn't know we have that here. Thought they only bought 3Ls. Which workshop did you go to? Is it a Jaguar specialised workshop? IF not, I suggest you go to Autobolt. I believe they can help you identify problem. I have been to them few times before with Restricted Performance, and they could fix it. Now with CB, call to make sure they are open before you go.
  19. You can try Autobolt. Call to ask.
  20. You can call Roger directly on this number 92329154
  21. Definitely Autobolt. I have been with them since 6 years ago. Their level of service had a big jump since 1-2 years ago, and I have been happier. When I get my next JAggg (assuming I still have the money), I will be looking for Roger at Autobolt again. 😉
  22. XFS

    200cell Downpipe

    Not me. But if you come to next week up, I am sure you can ask around cos some maybe shy to share here.
  23. Yes I agree that if there's anything suspicious, it is good to be on the safe side. Having said that, we really don't know if those cars had been modded, or serviced outside by inexperienced workshop or even had warning prompts that was ignored. Only a detailed investigation can possibly tell.
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