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  1. Thanks bro tintin.. can you PM me the contact? Seems like there is no choice but to get it changed else the rear door will always be unable to lock/unlock
  2. Hi bro... so how did you resolve it? Change the entire locking mechanism for that door? Thanks.
  3. Hi I just experienced an issue with the rear passenger door.. it's not functioning. When I lock all doors (either with key or auto lock when drive off) the rear door doesn't lock. It doesn't respond basically. Any bros had the same experience before?
  4. hi am looking forward to the 1 Nov gathering but cannot go now coz child is down with HFMD. How do i get the decal anyway if i am not going for the meetup? Can bank trf? Thanks.
  5. Hi Jeez, i do not experience the same issues you mentioned. I am driving the 3.0 petrol. However i noticed sometimes i hear a "rattling like" sound from my right door. I now guess it is coming from the window. Always try to unwind and wind my window and sometimes the sound will disappear. also when i unwind the window very very slightly the sound will go away but because it is not tight can start to hear the outside sound. Anyone with similar experience?? Cheers. Bryan
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