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  1. Hello Fellow Jag Brethren, I am new to the Jag club and am certainly feeling excited and privileged at the same. It was a long time dream to own the Jag XF and finally I got mine albeit a 2 year plus old handsome creature. It drives well certainly but I noticed that the front 2 doors made a loud "piak" or "click" sound when I open my doors in the morning. And later when I get off the car and open the doors, we hear it again. We figured out that as long as the door has been shut for half an hour It will produce this noise when they next open. Sounds almost "Plastic-y" if there is such a word. Attached a video and would like to seek fellow Jag lovers if you have every encountered such a problem? Many thanks. PS: the Jag XF does drive like a dream... VID_20190622_100211.mp4
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