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  1. Thanks for your reply. Any more cat owners can weigh in on this?
  2. Hi, any bros or sis here experience unrefined jerkiness when downshifting? This was felt from day 1 but I was recently told by another bro he did not experience the same thing. In fact he said he's gear changed are super smooth. He was surprised I experienced such a thing even on an 8 gear sequential shift system. Anyone care to comment?? Thanks in advance
  3. Hi any bros facing issue with the Bluetooth getting repeatedly disconnected when playing music? I used to pair my xe with an iPhone and never had any issue except that it took about 10 seconds or so to start automatically plying my music. I recently changed to a samsung s10 and the stereo system by default plays the radio. When I connect it to Bluetooth it plays my music for a few seconds then gets disconnected. I have to wait like 30 seconds or so before I see the Bluetooth option on the xe screen again. However even after reconnecting again, the connection will drop again. Anyone facing or faced this issue? Any fix?
  4. Hi everyone, I just had this diy mod done so I thought I'd share it with everyone. I just replaced my stock air filter (right side of engine bay) with the K&N equivalent (33-3075). You can buy this online. I got mine for below sgd $100 - you can try eBay. The immediate feel I got is a more robust engine. The response is quicker and smoother. You should be experiencing rather jerky downshifts with your xe. The problem isn't with the engine but the air flow from the stock filter (this is merely my opinion). After replacing the stock filter, my ride is much less jerky, even when downshifting! Jaguar should just fit all their cars with this K&N air filter instead. It really works well.
  5. Navigation or entertainment system problems faced by drivers will be a thing of the past. For those who have never cars (where their system can receive the new upgrades) I was told that jaguar will be launching mirroring capabilities. So far what was mentioned was apple car play. I'm not sure if they're working on Android but I believe they should be. It should be launching this year and all cars with the capabilities to receive this update will get it for free. No more need for map updates because you can then use Google maps or waze or whatever.
  6. For sure I will not procrastinate, especially when the cat is still under warranty. Usual wear and tear will happen in every car but I just hope and pray it won't be something like engine burnout or something that bad.
  7. Glad to hear that. So it does seem that jaguar has gotten their sh*t together ?
  8. I got ownership of my ride (2.0T) in March 2018. It's been wonderful so far. Love the mileage I get and the low hum when on eco mode. Love the growl and power even in drive mode. I haven't tried dynamic + sport yet! Our roads don't welcome such power. I've been watching a lot of YouTube videos on car maintenance particularly one by Scotty Kilmer. He's quite popular and he's a no bs mechanic. According to him, changing engine oil (albeit fully synthetic) at 1 year intervals is actually harming the engine. His advice is maximum 10k miles, which is 16k km or every 6 months. In his videos, you'll see the blackening of engine oil that was kept in too long and the damage to the engine. He is very certain that yearly oil changes for petrol engine WILL damage the engine in the long run, around the time the warranty runs out. And that is when manufacturers make money from owners. I don't know how you guys feel about this but I've always been going for oil changes every 6 months for all my past rides. I know some of you do oil changes for your jag at certain reliable workshops. Guess my golden question is to those bros who have been driving a jag for about 5 years or more and have only been doing oil changes yearly - how has your ride been? Have you had to change engine parts, do major servicing like 'decarbonisation', etc? Or has it been smooth sailing? I find Jaguar's deal somewhat strange, where they guarantee the car for 3 years instead of 5 (which most of its competitors are offering) and they offer a 5 year servicing package instead. Any thoughts?
  9. Cracking of dashboard happened to my former car which is a toyota. I knew it would crack because mine was a jdm car and I learnt from the forum that the material they used was meant for japan's climate, not singapore's. Dunno if the same thing is happening here. I can't advise you how to solve this problem. Looks like one way is to change dashboard which is going to cost a bomb. However, a good way to prevent this is to continually apply dash wax/cream in order to keep it moist.
  10. Hey thanks for the reply. I did a bit of research after the replies and thus is what I found...https://carfromjapan.com/article/car-maintenance/turn-ac-correctly-cool-car-fast-save-energy/ Basically jaguar is on the right track with the air circulation being set to 'off' at the start (to expel hot air) but it could have perhaps put in an auto feature to have it set to switch to 'on' after a certain period of time, say 5 mins or so. I read elsewhere that jaguar wanted the xe to score highly on the European Union scale of safety and energy but didn't quite make their product reliable, but more so for the namesake. I'm speaking about their auto start/stop feature which many of us and abroad have experienced to be erratic and quite useless really. Even when it works, it does so for a short period at a stop junction and cannot last the entire period of the traffic light change. Sigh...
  11. Woah...this must be one of jaguar's biggest screw ups. I'm quite sure they'll rectify the later versions but whether they'd upgrade our for free is another story. Thanks for the info Bro.
  12. Hi I've always had a problem with the air circulation being set to 'off' and I will have to manually switch it 'on' every time I start the engine. Does anyone know if the xe's air circulation can be set to 'on' permanently without the manual switching every time?
  13. Got mine from lazada. Super cheap and quick delivery. You will need more than 4m so I'd advise buying 2 rolls of it's packed in 4m rolls.
  14. https://www.topgear.com/car-reviews/jaguar/xe/specs Base model 2.0T with ingenium engine capable of reaching 0-100 in 6.7s. That's quite impressive.
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