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  1. FC for individual trips vary. I've done 5.8-6 before for single trips on mostly highway so that figure is definitely achievable; overall FC averages 10-11 now cos sometimes I just feel the need for speed too FC depends on a combination of several factors besides being heavy vs light footed on accelerator. Things like how hard/when u brake, constantly switching lanes, majority of trip going up slopes, time spent idling etc.
  2. Digging up old thread. Any bros have recommendation for fixing or touching up scratches on the front bumper bottom lip? Paint scraped n can see the metal :'''(
  3. Thanks Saint88. That's useful to know. Did u come across this mod on the UK XE forum too? Did u use only p seals for the door frame perimeter? I'm considering whether to just use p seals or a combination like in the picture below.
  4. Hi did any XE owner manage to install (either DIY or at shop) additional rubber strips around the XE doors to cut out the dust and dirt ingress on the sills? Care to share your experience? Cheers.
  5. Hi bro if I use this and charge the debit to my credit card, do I still get the Shell rewards points? Thanks.
  6. Selling original black 3M car mat 3 pc set for XE. Driver, passenger n one long piece for backseat. Brand new unused from Wearnes. Selling cos I changed my set to another colour. PM me to offer. Thanks for viewing.
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