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  1. Peiseh. Lost my password after my last post. Just reset it. After 3 months of driving, I am loving it. Enjoyed driving in Malaysia more. Yet to meet up with more Jaguar kakis. Kopi, prata anybody? Msg me 96855070
  2. Dear fellow Jaguar drivers I'm Kevin, new to the club & forum. I am driving a Jaguar XF 2.2 D. Hope to get to know more friends here to go Malaysia together. I'll be driving up north to KL & Ipoh this Friday. Are there Euro 5 diesel all the way to Ipoh or only till KL? Is there anyway I can get a map of the stations? Or any suggestion to prominent Shell stations with Euro 5? Anybody keen to meet up for Kopi to share tips on Jaguar, let me know. I am new to Jaguar. Kevin
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