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  1. Thank you for sharing . I noticed my 5 years D2.2 recently does not start Aircon automatically when I start the engine. Previously, when I start the engine, the Aircon outlet covers will turn up as it was set in control panel . Now occasionally and being often , it does not turning open after I started engine, I need to press Aircon button to make its turning open and also have aircon system start working at the same time.. is there thing I need to reset to resume the operation? or is it related to battery weak ? any brother could advise with experience? tks
  2. GWST

    XF on Fire

    will such type of damage by fire ( whatever reason) be covered by our insurance ?
  3. hi bothers, can I buy a normal bulb in a auto spare shop to replace it? someone still warns me don't take risk to convert to LED. any advice on where is the shop in Singapore I could buy such small bulb for the purpose... looks very simply just open the cover pull the old bulb and and plug in the new one. done! but need to buy this correct bulb part first. Any shops name and number I could contact ? thanks.
  4. thank you brothers for the above reply. I will check aliespress first.
  5. Thanks you Sir. . notice many different plug types, and also different parameters … worry will purchase wrong type from on line.
  6. I want to replace Rear License Light Plate Lights for my 2015 XF D2.2 . where to find out a shop ( not website) to purchase the correct lights ? Looks like a normal light , not LED. or should I just ask any workshop to replace it for me ? I asked the workshop to replace it for me few month ago when doing the service . the supervisor said yes, yes, surely will do. but apparently, it was forgotten. I realized it was not changed ( still has one light on though ), but lazy to drive back. now LTA inspection is coming…. thks
  7. Bro, So should I rely on workshop to do the service with its oil or bring in myself ? where to buy
  8. For Diesel Engine XF2,2D I am driving, when coming to time for her maintenance by outside workshop after 3 years , Do I need to worry and check if the workshop has special engine oil required for XF2.2D? advice appreciated. tks
  9. GWST


    Thank you brother! have talked with Luke, now working on policy review
  10. GWST


    Hi DarkNight , how can I contact Luke for a talk about insurance for my XF 2015. My insurance policy with AIG is due by end of March, but strangely I have yet received renewal notice from AIG to date. Also , I noticed my policy is a Wearnes Auto Proctor (WAP). Does it mean under WAP , I am not allowed to send the car for repairing to the two workshops ( cannot recall the full name ) recommended by the brothers in this forum as their names are not in the appointed workshop list ? after 31 March ( 3 years warranty ), I am wondering if there is a package from Wearnes now worthy signing up to extend the services with it ? Appreciate a guidance. thank you.
  11. Hi, If I send my XF to other workshop for regular/annual service after the first two years service by Wearnes, ( I have done the first 2 years with wearnes , now thinking of using an external workshop for third time after expiring of 3 years warranty period ). will the external workshop only do a normal service ( e.g. change engine oil etc) and fix problems you tell them based on your driving experience and observation ? or they will make proper checking to the car and recommend necessary preventative maintenance based on the condition of the car and their finding. I am asking this because I believe Wearnes has a record about a car under their service so they have standard and procedure to do the services and change the wear and tear parts. For an outside workshop , I am wondering how they will handle our car sent to them when initial 2 - 3 years services are not done by them but from Wearnes ? Appreciate seniors advice... tks
  12. I would like to send my car to AutoBolt as recommended when it comes to the time. Would it be an offensive if I request to see the oil they will use for the service ?
  13. can any bro post a picture taken from autobolt for C1 oil used when servicing his car to relief the concern expressed above....tks
  14. within first 3 years , if you don't do the services with Wearnes, the makers warranty would be voided ....this is my understanding though ....
  15. okay. so when sending her for outside workshop for maintenance, first thing to ask would be if C1 engine oil is used or not ?!
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