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  1. But how to reset bro, i cant see any instructions from Google site
  2. Can guys advise , what shall i need to do if this appeared on the indicator and is there any recommended Mechanic for this issues to solve or i can do it myself ...
  3. Hi any where can I get the valve cover and is two pieces fo premium luxury V6 cars ? Try calling Jag service ctr but unable to reach them...
  4. Hi Guys, Anyone can advise where can I get new or used suspension for my XF 3.0 premium luxury car.....I need 04 ..... Or is there any workshop with reasonable chargers here guys ?
  5. Hi Bro, Thanks for your reply, btw do you know anywhere able to fix it up ?
  6. Hello guys, i was very shock to see such a very poor workmanship, i'm having XF-2011 model, suddenly now my car interior top sheep started to dangling, i notice the glue has gives way and i'm not sure how to fix it up [ stick it back ] any advised please....
  7. Hi Bro, Thanks for your assists, mine its patrols engine and i've yet to do any simple check....btw do you recommend any workshop, with reasonable charging bro ?
  8. Hi bro's can anyone advised what is the problem here, upon starting my car, after few seconds its die off, even if i drive, i can feel its pulling...than die off. Is there any recommended workshop ? will be good if reasonable charge....
  9. Hi Bro's, Can anyone advised why i have this message appeared twice while driving, any suggestion, mine XF 3.0 [ 2011 ]
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