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  1. For your consideration lol
  2. Was in the same situation. I got the lower quotation while onsite at wearnes. Checked with my SE on thinking to get the extended warranty, she quoted higher at $4.5k through WhatsApp. After highlighting the earlier quotation at wearnes, she checked again with the after sales PIC and quoted $3,790 over the phone. Sucky experience.
  3. The rubber seal comes with 3m tape. Just need to use scissors to cut e rubber to fit the length n take out the tape n paste it. No picture abt e guide but attached on the dirts it reduces .
  4. Yup learnt about it from xeforums i only applied the p seals around e door frame. Have tried applying on the b pillar using small d but found closing the door on first attempt is a challenge so decided to remove it.. b pillar is another spot that is good to be sealed to prevent dirts coming in.
  5. Yes i did. Very useful in reducing the dirts under door sills. Bought p shape rubber seal from amazon n self install. Just need scissors to cut e rubber to fit the length of door frame
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