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  1. I don't think it's normal. I only experience G Force at downshift.
  2. Great job! The feeling of successful DIY project is priceless.
  3. The inbuilt maps are slow and clunky. You would need updates and it will cost you money. You are better off accessing map via your phone or upgrade your HU to a smart one. Just my 2 cents
  4. if you do it separately, you will be paying for labour twice.
  5. It's your a diesel or petrol? Any engine check light? Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  6. Hello Jellybean. 1) 2 reasons why this happens. 1st, you are trying to lock your door when the car could not detect your keys. No detection of keys may happen from time to time or your key battery is running low. 2nd reason, at least one of your locks on your car is not in position to lock itself. Eg, one of your door is ajar and you attempt to lock. The car will horn twice. 2) Let me try later and check if the fuel flap can be opened when the car is locked
  7. If your XF has the door down light, it should work. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  8. I am someone who is very particular about my alignment. They were the only one who solved my misalignment for my scirocco. Since then, all my other cars went to them. My previous car was XF and now XJ. Both cars were done up well. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  9. I always go to Wei's alignment. Give them a try https://m.sgcarmart.com/directory/merchant.php?MID=14278 Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  10. Quick DIY. Completed all 4 doors under 10 minutes. Plug and play. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  11. Workshop that understands Jag would be able to 1st troubleshoot from their plugged-in OBD2 diagnostic tool. I would avoid workshops that would throw a quote to you without identifying the problem first.
  12. One of the many common problems on a Jag is the front ride control. Front ride control parts typically consist the following - Wishbone, upper control arm, lateral arm bush, lateral arm wishbone, antiroll bar linkage and front stabilizer bush. Over time, the rubber parts will break, torn or disintegrate. Lifespan is about 3-4 years, especially in our climate. How to identify? 1) Clanking noise going up humps 2) Clanking noise under heavy breaking 3) Steering feel is soft 4) Steering will veer to one side moments before the car comes to a complete stop 5) Car does not feel as firm as before. After much procrastination and unbearable clanking noise, i finally took some time to get this fixed. Immediate feedback after repair 1) Steering wheel feels firmer 2) Front suspension feels firm yet not harsh 3) Lesser body roll 4) No more clanking noise 5) Instant renewed handling confidence What happens if you ignore: 1) Alignment runs faster than it should 2) Improper tire wear 3) Handling performance may decrease significantly. I made sure the workshop installs original jaguar parts and not OEM and alignment. Not a cheap affair but who am I to complain. I chose a Jag and i still love Jaaaaag.
  13. My left chrome side fender flew off while I was zooming down NSHW. Long story short, bought a replacement online and since it's a Sunday, I attempted this DIY work. Removing the tyre was not necessary but gave me more room to work. Working on typical tools, managed to complete it within an 1hour. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  14. Monitor and pray... Lol. Are you going back to your friend's workshop? Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  15. From 1st August 2018 to 31st July 2018 10% discount for - Jaguar Club Members 20% discount for - Jaguar Club Premium Members 1. To be eligible for the discount, the wind screen car decal must be presented at the Jaguar Showroom reception counter. 2. Offer is valid from 1August2018 to 31 July 2019 only. 3. Discount is only applicable on Jaguar collection 4. Discount is not valid in conjunction with other discounts, vouchers or promotions. 5. No exchange or refund will be provided after purchase. 6. Wearnes Automotive reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. Jag Club Memo - Merchandise.pdf
  16. I changed mine using this video. 5-10 mins job
  17. PM sent Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  18. bottom right of the driver cockpit
  19. Khairister


    NICE!! Pictures please. Which decal you looking for? The JCS decal?
  20. Copied from Jaguarforums.com 1) Engineering test mode: -Enter the car and leave your foot off of the brake -Depress the TRIP button and hold it for a minimum of 3 seconds before doing anything else -With the TRIP button still depressed, momentarily depress the START/STOP button -With the TRIP button still depressed, let the car start up the electronics until you reach the screen in the right most part of the cluster that says "Press the OK button" at the top -Release the TRIP button, you should now see the right most part of the cluster change to say "Press TRIP button to enter Engineering Test Mode" -Press the TRIP button one more time to enter Engineering Test Mode 2) E-brake adjustment ("recalibration") following pad replacement: - for those that have done a pad replacement, you either need to disconnect the battery to force the car to recalibrate the parking brake or you need the tool to get into the computer to tell the computer to recalibrate itself. Instead, as you are putting things back together, use your thumb to actuate the e-brake lever until you find that you cannot move the lever the full range of motion. You have just manually moved the caliper piston into position and should result in a properly calibrated e-brake with no warnings following a pad replacement. Make sure to do both sides when using this method. 3) leak check of air suspension - Place the car in Park ("P") - Start the engine and let idle - Open the driver's door - Lightly press the brake pedal 3 times, ensuring that the brake pedal returns to the full release point before depressing again - within 10 seconds of the first brake pedal depress, close the driver's door (you should hear the instrument cluster chime twice a second after the door is closed) This allows you see if there are any air leaks in the air suspension. If you open and then close the driver's door, the instrument cluster will chime twice again, telling you that it is redoing the test. To exit, simply drive the car over 5 mph (8 km/h) or turn off the engine. 4) Calibrate the touch screen - Navigate to the Jaguar Leaper screen - Touch your finger to the Jaguar on the radio screen and hold there for 20 seconds (Engineering test mode screen will appear) - Scroll down and select "Touch Calibration" - Select "OK" and then touch the screen - Using a stylus or similar device, touch the screen in the indicated points until you receive a "Sat Test" result. 5) Turning off the belt minder chime (belt minder indicator will still come on, but for only a short period of time after starting the car) -Get into car and apply the seat belt - Start the car - Within 10 seconds of starting the car, undo the seat belt and allow the seat belt warning light to come on - Immediately buckle the seat belt to make the seat belt warning light go off - Unbuckle and buckle the seat belt 7 more times. You should hear the dash chime when the belt minder setting has been changed Repeating this sequence will enable and disable the belt minder chime. This also works on the passenger seat too. All of the steps need to be completed within 20 seconds for the minder to change state.
  21. XJ_Owners_Handbook_11MY(2)_tcm91-38739.pdf
  22. Khairister


    Was considering the 5.0V8 XJ when i was looking for an XJ. End up buying a XJL 3.0 SC. As it's my daily car, petrol cost was a major consideration. My regular JAG workshop highly recommended the 5.0 as the engine is more robust. With proper maintenance, the v8 is a good buy. If budget permits, please do get the 5.0 v8. Its becoming an endangered cat species.
  23. After going through numerous website, i finally found a website that has a comprehensive information on the various Jag parts and pricing. Prices are quoted in USD but it will give you a benchmark on how much it would cost and whether your workshop is ripping you off. https://www.jaguarlandroverrenoparts.com/
  24. Frankly, Jag cars need slightly more TLC. It is not your typical toyota or honda or lexus that can last more than a decade without any issues Common wear and tear will be engine and transmission mountings, suspension bushes, control arms, engine belts, valve gasket etc. The handbook does not recommend additives to the fuel or oil. As long as you stick to the engine oil specification, you should be ok. Don't try other types of oil. Other common parts to change will be coil pack, water pump, and condenser. When you find something not right, do not procrastinate. Just send the car in and get it check so that it would affect other parts.
  25. Looks like the glue could have dried up. Are you renewing coe? if yes, you can re wrap your dashboard.
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