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  1. Tok

    Coolant for 2015 XF

    Thank for the reply. Some of the reviews on google suggest that we should not look at the color of the coolant but its chemical components. However the general consensus seems to be that it is better to top up with the same coolant. However I am not able to find the orange color coolant in the petrol stations. The spc coolant though green in color is of the same chemical components with the orange coolant specified in the jaguar owner's manual. I hope it is safe to use as an alternative.
  2. The coolant from wearns seems to be orange in color. Would it be safe to top up with green coolant from spc. If not safe what would be the damage. Thks.
  3. It happened to me this afternoon. Good thing I was on a small road, managed to make it to a petrol kiosk. Very scary. May I know how much to have it repaired.
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