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  1. Hi I'm interested. Can pls text me at 98276377
  2. I think jaguar have good sales over the years, and the numbers of Cars that they need to service and cope is out of their hand. Booking time for service used to be just a week or even sometime within a week but now waiting time for allocated slot is at least 2 weeks time. Currently owning 3 jaguar (F-type, XJ & XF) and really finding it a difficult task to arrange for service. Can't denied that Jaguar car quality and reliability has improve alot over the years and have not giving me much problem compare to Volvo, BMW and Merc which I previously own. However I seriously think that all service consultant need to go through their customer service skills again. Problem I face whenever sending in for service, 1. Even with booking a slot whenever I send the car in I need to wait for at least 30mins before I can see the service consultant. 2.When want to contact SC always can't get him and when request for call back never once I receive a call. 3. Informed SC when I leave the car to update me on service status and whether I can collect my car within the day or otherwise so that I can arrange my schedule, never receive at all. 4. Send my car in to change parts and best thing is when I order the parts I drove down to wearnes to show them and ended up they ordered wrong parts. Not once or twice but 3 times! My opinion/suggestion for Jaguar servicing team, me as owner never want to rush the job, I mean its ok for me to leave the car there giving ample time to get all the service done. But at least give owner an update or status of the car and giving us a head up whether if the car can be done or will be done by when so that we can arrange our own schedule as well. I think that's the least that I would expect Seriously with the current service standard that I'm receiving, it really give me a 2nd thought if I should continue driving jag or change to other.
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