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  1. Runflats has its own set of pros and cons. Many articles online to read them up In my humble opinion, runflats are not necessary in a small place like SG Since it came with your car, why not just use them till you need to change tyres. Rather than spending money to swap them out now
  2. Welcome to the forum. I am pretty new to the brand and forum as well. Have a safe trip up north!
  3. Very bold and nicely done up mod !
  4. I'm more curious about why you opted for the diesel when your mileage is so low? Anyways, best to send your car for maintenance checks every 12 months, dont be penny wise and pound foolish
  5. Eagle F1A2 for good grip in wet (compared to PSS, CSC5p)
  6. SKDT

    Car Camera?

    Typically agent will not void warranty of your car just because you install something, swap 3rd party accessories, etc. However, if you tinker with your car and the item causes your car to stall or malfunction, do you think the agent will repair for you FOC ?
  7. When I got my car two months back, I have to sign an indemnity form with Wearnes to accept that the eco start stop function may stop working once I have the dash cam installed (by Wearnes). The eco start-stop is rather irritating to be honest, and in our sweltering hot weather, i rather have it switched off permanently too. Like what jemauvais said, the SA told me the same thing about battery management system getting confused, etc. Not sure whether is some lousy excuses by Wearnes or not, as my previous two cars do not have such an issue. The GPS is rather wonky i must admit, it shows that I am in some grass patches when i am actually driving on the road. Have asked Wearnes to have a look at it when I was in to fix another issue, but they told me that I already have the latest software and updates.
  8. SKDT

    Basic Queries

    For fuel, I would stick to Ron98 and above. Wearnes are notorious for being very "niao" when it comes to their warranty, so for my car I specifically asked my SE to install their in car camera for me, even though the cost is exorbitant I've heard horror stories of AD not honouring warranty when electronics are screwed since outside workshop has touched the car.
  9. Yes agreed better brakes lets you have a much shorter braking distance. Dont forget about better tyres too
  10. VEP delayed again, but now the barriers are up and you will need to tap your touch n go card before the barriers open
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