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  1. My 5.5 years XF 2.2 diesel giving me headache. 1. Petrol pump cannot be latched when pumping petrol. Have to regulate at ridiculous slow speed to get the tank filled. Anyone faced this issue before? 2. No power when stepping on accelerator from standstill. Have it checked outside workshop and could be turbo problem. Gonna cost a few grand to fix outside and more than 10 grand to be fixed at Wearnes if it is indeed a turbo problem and need to change. Acceleration normal when start using paddle shifters. Any owners faced this before? Just wondering how can turbo charger fails when it is only 5 over years. Previously had the Restricted Performance lightup which was thought to be a turbo issue. However got fixed when brought to Wearnes for a software reset. Guess what car I am not buying when its time to change. Thank you for your time. Just letting out abit.
  2. Before and after. First scraped with finger nail and then rubbed with axe medicated oil. The oil gave it a nice sheen. After a few weeks sheen still there.
  3. Thanks guys for all the various ways to clean up the mess. I have managed to test on a few buttons and so far looks ok. I scrapped off using finger nail and then use axe brand medicated oil with a cloth gently rub the sticky gooi stuff away. Looks shiny. Am just not happy why is it happening to a premium brand though.
  4. My outside regular mechanic checked the prices for me from Jaguar stockist. Very expensive costing more than $1000 including the steering wheel black parts. Going to live with it and meanwhile try and remove the stickiness by first scraping with a credit card and than using lighter fluid to remove the stickiness. Dont look good but at least not sticky. Too be brutal, I had a call from Wearnes for a survey... would I recommend Jaguar to my friends. Guess the answer.
  5. Hi all, Am driving a mid 2013 XF 2.2 diesel. All the buttons on my console and on my steering are all disintegrating, ie the protective layer is getting sticky and can be scrapped off. Has anyone gotten them fixed at Wearnes or outside? Would appreciate any suggestion. I hv scrapped the sticky stuff off a few buttons but they dont look good at all. This is to me unacceptable for a car of such high standing. My wife's 9 years old korean horse does not have this problem. Thanks in advance.
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