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  1. Been to a few hardware store and cant find the p seal. Anyone have better luck? Else probably have to go Amazon.
  2. need to find time to DIY too P shape rubber seal should be able to get from hardware shop?
  3. X0L0T0

    XE mods

    hi, Its SZdalos bought from Aliexpress
  4. Mine will move to the middle after few minutes of drive.
  5. Noise wise not much diff, but ride is definitely slightly bumpier. OC didnt complain on the bumpiness, so guess thats a plus.
  6. Thanks. Am running on 235/35/19.
  7. Had the Wearnes unit installed (without the indemnity form actually), and had off the auto start stop everytime i drive for 16000 km mileage. Its until recently that I did not off it and found that its not working.
  8. X0L0T0

    XE mods

    nice link. I personally still prefer the xfrs bonnet
  9. Nice! Was 245/35 recommended by the shop? Cos our recommended front for 19" is 225/40. Just used the tire calculator and seems that 245/35 seems acceptable as well and doesn't give much speedo error. Still waiting for my rims to reach shores....and meanwhile shall go ponder to go with 225 or 245....
  10. Care to share tire size? U followed the front wheel recommendation? Thanks in advance for answering the noob questions.
  11. maybe radiator fan not moving or coolant not circulating? better bring in to check.
  12. Would it be ok not to run stagger setup on a 19"?
  13. Some of those that i had came across. Cant remember the offset thou. Also most of the shops just mention that it is able to fit without mentioning offsets.
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