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  1. Been to a few hardware store and cant find the p seal. Anyone have better luck? Else probably have to go Amazon.
  2. need to find time to DIY too P shape rubber seal should be able to get from hardware shop?
  3. X0L0T0

    XE mods

    hi, Its SZdalos bought from Aliexpress
  4. Had the Wearnes unit installed (without the indemnity form actually), and had off the auto start stop everytime i drive for 16000 km mileage. Its until recently that I did not off it and found that its not working.
  5. X0L0T0

    XE mods

    nice link. I personally still prefer the xfrs bonnet
  6. X0L0T0

    XE mods

    Shifted to another thread.
  7. X0L0T0

    XE mods

    Dont need. Just use the quick reply, press the "up button" and use the attach feature
  8. X0L0T0

    XE mods

    bro, cant see all the pics.
  9. X0L0T0

    XE mods

    Thanks..pls update us too on your hardcore mods..
  10. X0L0T0

    XE mods

    I using tapatalk to upload. Alot easlier than using comp.
  11. X0L0T0

    XE mods

    Before After
  12. X0L0T0

    XE mods

    Before After +5hp [emoji38]
  13. X0L0T0

    XE mods

    Just collected this aft a 2 mths shipment..will try fix it later
  14. X0L0T0

    XE mods

    Mine only cosmetic accessories lar. See 1 day free i take some pics and post.
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