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  1. Thinking of switching to SUV after my XE days. Looking at F pace looks great in all angles but surprising not so many on the road as compare to GLC and X3? Anyone care to share the reason why? Is F pace that unpopular choice!!
  2. that's an adventurous size we are seeing 👍 Thanks for sharing it could still be done although not listed on the table for tyre size and pressure on our door frame. May i know what rim you using and the offset??
  3. ohhh didn't realise this below my seat all along Thanks. so i guess 235 width not recommended for 18"
  4. Was wondering why there isn't any interest in using 235 width tyre for 18" after upsize from 17". Saw most either stick with 225 or go 245 width for tyre. Toying of going 235/45/18 if upgrade to 18" rim. Sorry for the noob question and would like to research more before dive into it since warranty is over. Thanks in advance!
  5. Looking for rims to replace my XE existing rim Please whatsapp or text me the pics and price mobile 82993755
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