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  1. You should go straight to a upholstery shop. Loose roof lining is common and they will be able to fix it. I experienced it on my 5 years old Audi. Going to cost you about $380 to fix it.
  2. Just to clarify that I am driving a XF Diesel. Therefore my question on C1 5W 30. For the XF V6 Petrol, from the attachment, it should be 5W 30 A3/B3. I doubt the brand is important, but I think Wearnes uses Castrol. oil.pdf
  3. At a business lunch recently, I was introduced to the head of lubricant sales at BP Singapore. We were talking about cars and started discussing engine oils. I found out from him that Castrol oil is sold by BP Singapore. Castrol is part of BP. Read on the forum that Castrol C1 oil is difficult to find in Singapore and I wanted to find out more. He said that BP Singapore sells oil directly to Authorised Dealers, like Wearnes. Lubricant sales to workshops are sold by their representatives. For certain oils which are jointly developed with manufacturers, they have an agreement with the manufacturers to sell these oils only to Authorised Dealers. BP is not allowed to sell the oil to workshops, not even through their representatives. The warranty for my car has ended and I am looking for a workshop to go to. Autobolt has been mentioned a few times in this forum. I don't want to use the wrong oil in my car. Can someone please confirm that they have seen the Castrol C1 oil at Autobolt?
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