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  1. D Do you have any idea which works? I've heard that so many have problems that I'm not sure which is OK to buy. I've heard the best for a 2005 car is the VCM with earlier IDS software.
  2. Thanks. Have you tried this? Will it work? Do you know where I could get the connecting cables?
  3. Sorry, haven't been very active. Too tied up with work n travel. No haven't tried Kee Yong Motor. Trendy now no longer has a JLR computer so now looking for other options. Was wondering about buying one if there is something reasonably priced.
  4. Unfortunately, I just called Auto Bolt and they also don't have the Jaguar computer system that can do vehicle reconfiguration. Does anyone else know of anybody who can do this or is Wearnes the only one in singapore who has the Jaguar computer? Thanks.
  5. Thanks. Will give them a try when I get back home next week. I hope they do have the computer as my old workshop is having problems with his servicing computer. Otherwise may be forced to consider a change in the entire hi-fi system to solve the problems once and for all.
  6. Are there any workshops with the Jaguar diagnostic / configuration computer? I need to have some of my settings adjusted and the hifi recoded. Thanks and Happy New Year.
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