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  1. I posted on the thread the day before...asking for a brief poll. Then the thread disappeared. Darknight liked my last post on the thread. Perhaps it was removed accidentally?
  2. Maybe 'Big Brother' Wearnes says that it is?
  3. JaggerXF

    Air Con

    May I know what the 5 seconds thingy is? I tried it on my 2015 XF and it just said Latched Recirculation. The recirculation vent remained closed for the duration of the trip. But when I restarted my car, it was back to Auto.
  4. Thanks Dude! Think I'll do a wheel alignment when I change tyres at 40,000km. The shop that I go to for tyres has a wheel alignment machine.
  5. Only 2x services bro. Have not done any wheel alignment from delivery of the car 2 years ago.
  6. Thanks. When you do the alignment, do you provide the alignment specs to the shop or do they just adjust it by themselves?
  7. Does anyone here do wheel alignment on a regular basis? Is it essential and how often do we have to do this? Are there pre-defined settings for the car? I drive a 2015 XF.
  8. Removing the devices at this juncture will make no difference. That is because you probably disabled the Start/Stop function (the highest electrical load) at the time when the BMS is learning the electrical load. From my experience, the only way is to reset the BMS and then re-connect all devices, including enabling your Start/Stop function.
  9. A possible reason is that the Battery Management System (BMS) is not charging the Start/Stop battery. It is likely you have auxillary devices installed that is draining too much power AFTER the BMS has learnt the max electrical load. Solution is to get Wearnes to reset your BMS and then turn on all your devices. This includes leaving the start/stop function ON. Once the BMS has learnt the max electrical load of your car (possibly within a month of driving), you can then choose to turn off some of the functions that drains electrical load.
  10. If Malaysian fuel is the problem, you have several options: 1) Try using RON98 and above fuel when in SG. 2) When in M'sia, use only V-Power. If problem remains after two re-fuels, probable cause may be clogged filter or injectors. Try pouring in fuel-injector cleaner and octane booster during your next fuel top-up (available from petrol stations). If problem persists, you may want to get your mechanic to look at your fuel filter and injectors. Fuel pump could also be a likely cause. A less likely cause could be a dirty MAF sensor.
  11. What is the year of manufacture of your XF and elaborate more on 'got problem starting the engine'? Mine is a 2015 model and I experienced intermittent start issues (have to press Start button twice) when I first got the car. Sent it in to Wearnes and they did a firmware upgrade of the Start button function (apparently, they adjusted the pressure sensor settings of the footbrake). No problems ever since.
  12. I believe it's 64GB. But can't confirm. However, it is more important to get a High Endurance SD card (https://www.sandisk.sg/home/memory-cards/microsd-cards/high-endurance-microsd) for our dashcam. I purchased an ordinary Sandisk 64GB microSDXC and it died on me in less than a year.
  13. http://www.blackvue.com.sg/authorized-dealers.html I installed mine at: Hai Wee Enterprise, Blk 271, Bukit Batok East Ave 4, #01-140, Singapore S650271 Tel: 65665983
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