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  1. http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?app=sgcarstore&req=showprod&product=75216 newer model......FS only $878 just need to get an installer...im interested too...
  2. Anyone here can recommend any installer for Navtool video interface?
  3. I think it is only 6 pieces.. It does not have the shades ffor the front seats.
  4. Anyone did engine flush on diesel model? Any recommended brand?
  5. Anyone has already tried it? Pse share your review.. Thanks.
  6. Chuan Heng (Opposite LTA Sin Ming Rd) Blk 33 Sin Ming Drive #01-361 S(575707)
  7. mx25

    EBC brake pads

    Which ebc red model is suitable for Jaguar XF 2.2D for Front and Rear? Thks. Do I need to change brake sensor everytime when I change the brake pad?
  8. mx25

    Slight vibration

    brake disc wear out?
  9. I bought this instead....anyone know where can i get it install?
  10. Quite interested to install this license frame...too bad Wearnes does not have it.
  11. pse check the youtube video..to avoid openning up the dashboard, you must buy the hdmi2av adapter with rca2av cable. plug the 3.5mm jack into the AUX (inside armrest storage box)....this shd work.
  12. Found this interesting video and I believe it will work. Equipment list: -Chromecast or Chromecast 2; -hdmi to rca converter; -rca to 3.5mm cable (plug into Aux); - usb power x 2
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