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  1. Hi, any workshop recommended for aircon servicing for the Jag ? Thanks
  2. fos19

    XJ Battery

    Hi guys, anyone changed out the main battery for the XJ ? can advise the brand and model changed to ? Thanks. its time to change mine.
  3. fos19

    Rust on Xj

    My persistent problem is the rattling sound from dashboard and left passenger door area. Even "looked at" during servicing, it return within a week later. Now the rubber console buttons are starting to get sticky ... Sigh ....
  4. Anyone has more details for this 3 x servicing package ? What is covered and what is not etc. Or do we need to PM autobolt directly ? Thanks
  5. fos19

    Slight vibration

    Where do you go to check for warp rims ?
  6. what about motor edgevantage at sin Ming ? Chance upon their website by chance ...
  7. Anyone has any idea where I can get the light cover that is under the boot illuminating the license plate ? Sorry - for XJ. Thanks I advance
  8. Interesting to note that wearnes is now giving the XE and out-going Evoque model free lifetime servicing. Wonder what's the T&C in this package ...
  9. Yup - agree. Wonder what oil spec for the other Marques Diesel engine ?
  10. 18" .... Plenty of choice and definitely below $400 easily. Prices are much more competitive outside and am sure u will get good deals easily,
  11. Are you using 20" ? Pirelli Pzero 20" much less than $500 - closer to $440-50 CSC5 closer to $500
  12. Yup .. The V8 are awesome but I thought the old school V8 sounds incredibly sexy ! Sat in a XKR 2007 and I thought the acoustic sounds sooooo much better than another 2010 Audi R8. The former acoustic is raw and there seems to be a deeper gassy growl. Niceeeeee
  13. fos19

    XF Mods

    The rust red colour below the purple looks nice (on the front right of Jag) ... I have seen a Evoque in rust red and I thought it looks fantastic.Wonder if the shop can do a mock-up of the car with the chosen colour for customer to view ? Will be painful if chosen colour does not look good after complete
  14. Yes - driving the XJ diesel. Merc was the W211 E280 and W211 E200 - absolutely no issue with both cars except for normal engine oil servicing. When I sold off my e280 was looking at the new Eclass but was persuaded to try non-Merc ... Well ..... My colleague's A7 had engine mounting changed when car was 3 years and mileage not more than 40,000km and I already was quite shocked.
  15. Engine mounting on my previous Volvo was 6th year and close to 100,000km mileage. I would be very surprise if engine mounting need to be changed before 5 years with normal driving. My merc in its 7th year still no need to change. Infact, for me, the Volvo was the only car I had to change and I guess it was because I really push it hard with the monthly SIN-KL jaunts. Gearbox mounting - never encountered the need to change.
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