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  1. Has anyone here tried AA service before? Good thing is you can sign up on the spot and they will deliver & install it for you with no delivery n installation charges; all you need is to pay for the battery. The good thing of the membership is it tied to the person n not the car. I have used their towing services for many many times over the years for my classic, and it's free.
  2. Hey guys how abt next Thursday evening at The Wine Company (Changi Village Hotel) from 6.30pm onwards? Let me know.
  3. Hi kennethtancy, maybe I can tell you the whole when we have the chance. Thank you guys, esp XFS, for everything! If any of you guys r gonna do a Starbucks get2gether or over wine, please let me know. Cheers!
  4. Hi guys, picked up my car on Sunday and they rectified all the issues. Got the parts changed n serviced, interior cleaned, exterior polished and my window chips repaired. Probably need to send it in again in oct for the schedule service. Everything backed to normal again and hopefully nothing gives way. Thank you guys for your support n help! Drinks/kopi on me the next round! Cheers!
  5. Thank you guys for all the feedback, recommendation n assistance. Finally managed to send my car in this late afternoon and gonna leave there for a few days as I will be traveling. They promised to make right everything that was in the list and hope that the feeling will be mutual when I pick it up this Sunday. Thanks again guys!
  6. Thank you Zenkinz. Will do so when I am back in town. Cheers!
  7. I believe many of our contribution or feedback actually help them to rectify or improve what their product or service lapses.
  8. Thank you ALOW! Well, its always in a CRISIS then we know the real service level. = D
  9. Haha..... i cannot even remember who was the sales. She is a senior lady who has been in the trade for 30 years. Like what I said, i rush in and rush out with a car. Will try to slow down the next time.
  10. HI kennethtcy, thanks for the note and I have pm XFS and so far it's dead slience. Well, I always believe feedback is good depends on how you look at it. As long as we are stating the facts and be objective; they sincerely acknowledge and retify it, we will just moved on. But when their service manager called and re-assure things will be moving (more than 1 month ago), which is not, that is the disappointing factor. Grass may not be greener on the other side but I know it leave a bitter taste on this side of the fence.
  11. Yup, went to the showroom with no intention to buy and just to look look see see after lunch and before church. Took the car out for a spin and bought it within 30-45 minutes. Will, can start taking my time looking for a new ride liao but that will be after i claimed what's due to me.
  12. Haha..... Don't think that's a fair comparison. But having said that their service level cannot even compared to the average audi car range. They wanna grow their sales and provide this kind of after sales service? Well, there r many examples they can learn from after the complaints get louder. For eg: VW. There r 1 full page of "mgt" or "lightly used" cars in sgcarmart, with some sub 1k in mileage, they r trying to sell. See whether the list will grow longer or not.
  13. While dealing with PML in the earlier years, the service was ok. If I will to compare to PA, Wearnes is Lightyears behind. Whether this is an isolated case or not that I don't know, one thing I know is we cannot even take their mgt words for it. How bad can it get? To me, their credibility is down to the seabed! Thank you guys for your feedback and I greatly appreciated. I do not expect them to exceed my expectation but just stick to what they have committed but I think that is also abit stretch for them. Therefore, if we are gonna spend another few hundred K, I would rather spend it elsewhere.
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