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  1. plenty of stations carry euro 5 diesel, too numerous to list, but most main stream stations like Shell, Petronas, Petron, Bhp etc all list euro 5 diesel stations on their respective malaysian websites. did you buy your car recently? 2nd hand by any chance?
  2. sure, will pm, no worries zenkinz
  3. 1. regeneration burn of soot particles when the sensors detects a preset build up and the car is driven for 15-20mins above 70-80kmh. these figures are generic and may differ from car to car depending on manufacturer preset parameters. 2. in most modern diesel engines and modern day good syn engine oil do not suffer from oil dilution to be of any significant level unless the engine is poorly maintained. this fear/myth are from olden pre Euro 5 era.
  4. no worries and dun say that.... my car was bought during high COE days ie approx 90k, my car was bought at 230k. by selling it at 5yr mark i get maximum PARF back and COE at 5yrs returns me close to 45k. coincidentally current new COE are at 50-55k. so logic prevail that if i continue i have a high depreciation car for 5yrs or sell it and just the COE rebate alone i can nearly get a new 10yr COE. PARF at 5 yrs is max and will go on a sliding scale till the end. so unless there is a robust 2nd hand market over paying for used Jags, it will be on a sliding scale every year till the end and all i get is a portion of the OMV thats all..
  5. ahhhh yes... but OMV brand new factored, i just think scrap at 10yrs figure you using a bit optimistic. still... a 2yr old at 147k is VERY good value... IMHO just prob not 14.5k depr
  6. errrrrr... 147k with 8yrs left ya? thats a depreciation of 18.3k not 14.5k per yr
  7. I suspect so... the forums got updated recently... got to ask admin of forum
  8. http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.php?ID=661787&DL=2192 now using my 2nd car... sob sob
  9. wearnes has it pros and cons. I tried outside service after my warranty at Autobolt... Ok for me. and yet some also say Autobolt has pros and cons. so not really true on what you said until you try both...
  10. no such thing... i did remember it under another title though
  11. Haizzzz... my dear XF is leaving by end of July.... just signed on the dotted line. a victim of singapore high COE and PARF system, car was still good and all singing and dancing... but crunching numbers just made sense to let it go. replacement is a 7 seater KIA sorrento GT. maybe in 1-2yrs after i drop the other car i will return for a Jag 2 seater..... I love the Jag.
  12. Hi guys, mostly i just add water to my windscreen washer. after awhile i guess its all water in there. Just wondering if any members can share any good washer liquids they use? rain x? etc? I see in autobacs the types and prices vary from $2.99 to $19.90... so abit lost.
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