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  1. Thanks bro for sharing. For me so far the power comes back on after a few seconds of flooring the accelerator. Keep our fingers crossed!
  2. Thanks Beast for sharing. I am also worried in future when my boy drives the car will this cause any issue since new drivers will not be so calm in handling such issues. But will check it out when i service my ride outside since it just came out of warranty and maintenance package. Have a great weekend!
  3. I have the same problem with my XF 2.2D. Brought it back to Wearnes and they kept the car for 2 days then told me they could not detect any problem. Pointed out that the likely fault maybe due to my in-car camera drawing too much current. Changed my car camera and it still happens but not as often. Can be quite dangerous if you move out to a main road and cars are coming up. Do let me know if you find the reason for this.
  4. Actually although i got my issue resolved (Thanks for Bro XFS), the day after i got my car back my wiper was not working. But to give credit to Raymond (service executive) he managed to fix it within a day. Subsequently I send in a positive feedback for Raymond as I felt he really went all the way to salvage the situation and guess what - there was not even a thank you reply from Wearnes or Jaguar. With that I am quite clear that I will not want to deal with them anymore as it really tells alot about the lack of even basic customer service by Jaguar. Thankfully, my comprehensive maintenance will end next week and I am glad to be able to go outside for future servicing!
  5. Finally got a call on Tuesday from my service advisor after Bro XFS intervened and the car is being attended to now. Problem seem to be one of the low pressure A/C Compressor valve and they have to replace it. I think over the past 3 years of being a Jaguar owner it is really more a matter of how your service advisor is and that then directly affects the kind of service we get. When my service advisor called me, he was just telling me that he forgot about calling me totally after he got the message. I am not sure whether he realised that because of that, we as the customer have to suffer many inconveniences. I was also told that they sold too many cars and many mechanics resigned recently but I think that should not be the main cause. If my service advisor were more customer oriented I think he will not just totally forgot about the message. Wearnes have always impressed me and my friends for good customer service when it comes to post sales car servicing but seems it is not replicated in Jaguar. Will definitely have to re-think whether will get another new ride from Jaguar - not just from this incident but more overall experience as a Jaguar customer for the past 3 years. A big thank you to forum bros like XFS who took the trouble to help a fellow Jaguar driver. Thanks everyone for your kind advice and help! Hope to join this Friday's meet up and buy him a beer! Cheers!
  6. Thanks for all your advice Bros.....Will contact XFS soon to see whether can expedite.....Have a great May day holiday ahead!
  7. Hi bros - Any idea how can we escalate our maintenance request for urgent help? I reported aircon problems during my last servicing with Jaguar and in less than 2 months the problem is back worst than before. The aircon is now blowing warm air and it is really very uncomfortable. Got a service appointment before it got so bad on the 9 May 2017 and when it got worst, I tried to ask for urgent servicing but the lady Joanne who called keep insisting that I have to wait until 9 May 2017. Finally at my request for some help, she told me that my service advisor will call to see how to arrange something but the call never come. I think it is quite obvious that the lady just say that to get me off the line. I am just curious and disappointed that Wearnes do not have any process to handle urgent cases? It cannot be the case that no one is cancelling their servicing appointment? This experience really make me consider whether to get Jaguar again for my next ride although i like the car so far. My car is still under the comprehensive package until June 2017. Next reprieve is to post such a bad experience on their facebook to let other customer know of such lousy customer service. Any advice from forum bros how i can escalate this for help else will have to leave my XF at home and get my wife to drive me. Thanks in advance for any help or advice!
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